Voice-over isn't just about making your message sound good to your intended audience.  It's about relationship building, listening to your needs, meeting and/or exceeding expectations,  and understanding your vision of what is to be accomplished.  Then the work (and fun) begins! I pride myself on being both a collaborator and supporter taking ownership of my craft and delivering the best service possible.

I specialize in...

  • "Explainer" a.k.a. how-to presentations
  • Corporate internal presentations e.g. welcome messages, on-boarding, mission statements
  • Online presentations e.g. landing pages, web videos, etc.
I'll help you get your message across by representing your brand, intentions and objectives with the dedication and understanding of what you want to achieve.

I offer...
  • 24-48 hour turn around time
  • Professional quality audio
  • File sharing through Google Docs, Drop box, or another cloud provider you're comfortable with 
  • In-session connection via Source Connect Now, Skype, or phone
I embrace technology and leverage all of its advantages when delivering voice overs. I have a keen understanding of the required tools so that you can concentrate on what matters to you most.   

I'm reachable by...
    • Email john@jozavo.com
    • Phone 516-508-3505
    • Skype jozavo

Hear me out, and go to my demos and samples page.

I also offer a free custom audition if you have a script ready to test my voice out on.

Let's get to work together...and don't worry...
I'll do all the talking!