How much does a voice over cost?  

In lieu of saying, "it depends" there is no straightforward answer.  That's because the needs of one will never be the same as the needs of the next.  There are a variety of factors involved such as the length of the script, re-writes and re-takes, target audience, method of delivery, and your budget to name a few.  That's why part of my service to you is to understand your goals by listening to your needs and asking the appropriate questions so that I can partake in your vision and help you deliver your end-product successfully.   

Here is a guideline to estimates based on the length and type of a finished single voice track on a per project basis:

For public presentations which can include online/internet/website, trade-shows, kiosks, etc., 
the cost for up to a 1 minute to 10 minute finished product can range from $350 to $950

For non-broadcast, internal presentations which can include training, corporate, on-boarding, mission statements, etc., 
the cost for up to a 1 minute to 10 minute finished product can range from $250 to $850

What does the price include?

A finished product would include the recording, editing, processing, quality control, and final formatting of a single voice track delivered in .wav, .mp3, .aiff, or other file formats. Additional revisions to the script/copy depending on how extensive, requests to add and mix in background sound or a music track, and rush requests can incur extra charges.

Again, this is just a guideline to consider when working with me on your project. There are many factors that are involved in the production of voice over which comes down to a combination of my capabilities and your objectives. Collaboration is the key, and we'll meet those objectives together!